Lock Down Publications  (LDP) is the publishing home of urban fiction and street literature founded in 2012, operated by Ca$h, C.E.O and Coffee, C.O.O.

We, at LDP, specialize in two things. One is the care and grooming of each of our author’s passion to write, ensuring that we grow them from both a creative and technical aspect. That leads us into the second specialty of ours, the readers. Providing quality entertainments to our readers is a collective goal from not only Ca$h, who is an author as well, but from the entire Lock Down Publications’ team.

Our company is supported by an excellent group of editors, proofreaders, graphic designers and all other team members who each ensure that our number one priority in this industry is fully satisfied. That is you, the reader.

LOCK DOWN PUBLICATIONS represents those on lock, who are freed through their pens. Some of us are literally locked down in prisons. Some were imprisoned in contracts with other companies. Some of LDP authors were imprisoned by jobs or by their own fear of following their dreams. Some simply had stories imprisoned in their minds. LDP gave them all the freedom to share with the readers. And as an additive LDP stands for locking down the game.

Welcome to the world of LDP. Where readers come first and The Game Is Ours!

Coffee pens novels with the same realism life has taught her. Raised in the 7th ward of Downtown New Orleans, La, she has taken her very realistic experiences and colored them fiction for her reader's enjoyment.

She's an urban drama writer for Lock Down Publications as well as C.O.O. and Chief Editor.

In the year that she has been a published author, she has completed a three part series entitled Love Knows No Boundaries, Restraining Order 1&2 and also contributed a short story named Obsession and Insatiable to LDP's erotica anthology entitled Cum For Me.

Away from the pen, Coffee enjoys all forms of art from singing, listening to a variety of music from different eras, ranging from the sixties to present and all visual arts. In addition, Coffee is passionate about teaching, specifically children. “It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men.” ~Frederick Douglass. Bearing that in mind, she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education to effectively put to use her nurture and knowledge within the black community.

Coffee lives by the quote: “The right thing said at the wrong time is just as detrimental as the wrong thing said at any time.” ~Unknown

With that, she knows one can’t go wrong when one knows the timing between speech and silence.

What’s next for Coffee? She is currently working on a standalone project that will blaze once unleashed. Afterwards, she will write another new dramatic series and from there the beat goes on and on.



Ca$h was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio but lived most of his life in Atlanta, Georgia. He decided to start writing fiction while incarcerated at a state prison in Georgia. His style is gritty, raw and real. Even from the depths of confinement, he had an imagination that was constantly in overdrive.  

His debut novel, Trust No Man, was released under the Wahida Clark Presents imprint in 2009. And then the Trust No Man trilogy went on to reach hood classic status. It remains of the most respected street novels in the industry. Trust No Man 1, 2, & 3 and Bonded by Blood were all highly acclaimed releases by Ca$h under Wahida Clark Publishing. 

Since breaking on the scene with WCP, Ca$h has since formed his own publishing company, Lock Down Publications. Under LDP, this author’s star has shined brighter than ever with critically acclaimed novels such as Thugs Cry 1, 2, & 3 Trust No Bitch 1, 2, & 3, Restraining Order 1 & 2, Til My Casket Drops, Shorty Got A Thug and In Love with A Convict. 

BREAKING NEWS: On September 24, 2018, after serving 27 years in prison, Ca$h was finally released!!! With his newly regained freedom, he promises to remain strong and continue to teach through the power of his pen. 

“I write what has been termed fictional realism. I give it to my readers raw and uncut, just like it goes down in everyday life. I feel a responsibility to keep it one hundred. I don’t write fairy tales, and it’s never my mission to simply entertain the readers, I write with a message. Therefore, sometimes you’ll need a box of tissue when you read my novels,” he says without apology.

“Other times, I‘ll make you rejoice over the way certain characters persevere. But you’ll never be left feeling indifferent about my books,” he promises.