My pen name is ASKARI, but I’m known throughout the city of Philadelphia as S-CLASS. Prior to writing books I was one of the hottest rappers in the city. This was in the early 2000’s before social media, but I still had a strong buzz, blazing mixtapes and rocking clubs from Jersey to New York City.

In October 2001, my homie, Peedi Crack, was signed to Rocafella Records, and like the real nigga he is, he took our crew along for the ride. Our sole mission was to lock down the rap game and get our families out of the hood. Unfortunately, in February 2003, just as my career was beginning to take off, I was arrested and charged for a murder that I absolutely did not commit.

Aside from the fact there was no physical evidence linking me to this crime. (No gun. No Fingerprints. No DNA. No video surveillance. Nothing!) Immediately after the crime, the shooter was described as a DARK SKINNED BLACK MAN WITH A SUNNI MUSLIM BEARD. As you can see from my pictures, I’m light brown-skinned and at the time I had a baby’s face.

When I was kidnapped by the system, I had just turned 20 years old, a father of three beautiful children, I was working two jobs and busting my ass in the studio, primed to be the next Jay Z. I didn’t have a criminal record and in my spare time, I was working with the youth in my community as a coach on our 
little league’s football team.

At my trial, the district attorney’s case relied exclusively on one eyewitness. This witness was a convicted felon and serving time for an unrelated matter. (He admitted the district attorney gave him a deal to testify against me.) He testified that at the time of this incident, he was a fugitive of justice, standing on the corner selling crack cocaine. He admitted that he was under the influence of alcohol and drugs and he only had a partial view of the shooter’s face because the shooter was wearing a hoody and because the scene was not well lit. He also testified that another individual TOLD him that I was the shooter. SMH!!! 

Typical jealousy and hate!!!

In the end, after a TWO DAY TRIAL, I was convicted of first degree murder and given a life sentence. 


I was crushed to say the least. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t understand How the fuck could I be convicted of some shit that I never even did? Excuse my language, but I’m angry as hell!!!

In the midst of the bullshit, I knew that I had to remain focused. I knew that I had to maintain and work hard to prove my innocence, while at the same time conduct myself as a man, standing firm on the principles that my mother and father taught me as a child. I have not waivered and I never will. I shall and must continue to fight for my freedom, that just my nature.

You know, it’s funny to me, thinking about this book game. I thought that I’d be triple platinum by now, captivating audiences with my creativity and word play. I guess I still am, but instead of a microphone, I’m using a pen. Still focused on using my creativity to open the doors that confine me. Whether they be the doors that kept a young nigga locked in the hood, or the doors that kept a young nigga locked behind bars. Either way, I will be free!

To my family and friends, fans and supporters, I love y’all from the bottom of my heart. Words could never express my gratitude. 

And to the big homie, Ca$h, than you, bro. When I was down and out, sitting in my cell, looking for a way out, I came across TRUST NO MAN. Your dedications and acknowledgments gave me a new 

outlook, a new source of motivation. It was then that I picked up a pen and I’m determined to never put it down.

If you would like to contact me, you can write me at:

Rayshon Farmer
Institution No GE 4161
SCI Coal Township
1 Kelley Dr.
Coal Township, Pa 17866-1021

My name is Mimi and I was born in Tacoma, Washington but Brooklyn, New York raised me. I have three children and currently reside in Schenectady, New York. I found my passion for writing at the age of twelve when I had to write a short story for a English project. From there I knew that this was no original hobby. I am currently working on the Lipstick Killah series and many more to come.
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Instagram: authormimi





Meesha is a Chicago native and a mother of two, that began writing as a young teen. She wrote short stories that she only allowed family and friends to enjoy. In 2017 she was given the opportunity to showcase her talent and landed a spot in the Cum for me 2&3 Erotica series. Later that year she signed with Lockdown Publications, and A Distinguished Thug Stole My Heart made its debut. In less than a year, Meesha has captured the hearts of many through her characters. She’s looking forward to sharing more stories for you guys to fall in love with all over again.
Thanks to everyone that believed in me and gave me a chance. I appreciate each and every one of you.


T.J. and Jelissa Edwards is the first married writing duo under signed with Lockdown Publications. The sensational couple stepped foot into the game with their first team up series  “Loyal To The Game.” 

T.J. was bred by the slums of Chicago, Illinois. He comes from a family of four-two brothers and one sister. He was raised by a single mother who worked two full time jobs and one part time job just to make ends meet. His father was a man that he never knew being that he impregnated his mother with him by force, so he have never had a prominent male role model in my life. Being that his mother worked so much, the only parent he really had growing up was the streets. He’s been through it all, seen it all, and most likely has done it all. His family growing up, consisted of pimps, players, hoes, thieves, drug addicts, alcoholics, and cold-blooded killers, both the men and women.  

His love for writing began about the age of 9 when he witnessed the death of his best friend at his 10th birthday party. Writing was the only way to cope with my pain. Living in the slums of Chicago, you’re forced to pick up that hammer at a real young age and T.J. wasn’t exempt. He didn’t start writing again until the age of 26, and that’s because by that time he was incarcerated and doing so much time in segregation that it only seemed to make sense to do something constructive. He puts his heart and soul into every piece of material that he produces. 

Jelissa S. Edwards was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey.  She’s the oldest of 5 siblings- 3 on her father’s side and two on her mother’s side. She was raised by a single mother who worked two full time jobs, where her hard work and dedication to providing her and her siblings with a stable life, forced her to grow up rather quickly and fill her mother’s shoes while she was away at work. Jelissa started writing at the age of 10. On my father’s side of the family, they suffer from a lot of mental illness- bipolar disorder, depression, schizophrenia, etc. Writing was the way she dealt with her pain. She can go anywhere and be anyone she envisioned. Writing was her soul. Her solace in a world full of chaos, anguish and heartache. As she got older, Jelissa had her share of relationships where she was abused mentally, physically, and emotionally. A lot of her writing is from personal experiences. 

Everything T.J. and Jelissa puts out, comes from real-life experience that either they have experienced, or someone very close to them. They take their craft extremely serious, and take nothing for granted. They count their blessings daily and submit wholeheartedly to the man above. Their novels are uncut, real and sometimes highly sexual, because that is their nature. They look forward to putting out many more projects with Cash & LDP, so please stay tuned.



Author Jerry Jackson is a 33 year old native of Atlanta Georgia, the zone one area. He is the father of two beautiful daughters. 
Jerry first started writing in 2004 as a pass time hobby that crafted into a lovable talent. His true passion is music and acting which helps him mimic vast storylines that puts the reader at every scene. He brings you street lit at its finest.

An urban fiction king in the making ~ CA$H

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  Marcellus Allen

"Writing is my passion," explains crime novelist and entrepreneur Larry D. Wright. Mr. Wright is the founder of Baller Belly Entertainment and author of "The Streets Made Me." He holds a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer certification and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree. He signed with Lock Down Publications in 2019 and continues to find success with his raw, provocative, and unapologetic style of writing.

A native of Los Angeles, Wright has had a kaleidoscope view of the violence and deprivation that afflicts the inner-city. "My real-life experiences enable me to paint vivid portraits of the streets and the infamous characters who live in them," he reports. Through his intriguing novels and thought provoking essays, Mr. Wright has become an inspiration to young men and women across the U.S. 

What's next for this talented writer? "I'm working on a book project, developing content for a web series, and creating Street Lit Magazine to give incarcerated authors a marketing platform," he says with enthusiasm.


Destiny Skai, was born and raised in Fort Lauderdale, FL and is the proud mother of two young kings. At the tender age of 8, she found her passion in writing. First, she started off with poems, then short stories. During her high school years she was enrolled in honors classes and commended for her writing talents. After high school she wrote her first book and stored it away. It would take a tough road and a hard place to make her recreate her passion and start again.

In 2016, she found a place to call home with LOCKDOWN PUBLICATIONS & CA$H PRESENTS. Since then she has released 6 books, one movie and received her BACHELORS DEGREE in Business Administration/Healthcare Management. The BRIDE OF A HUSTLA MOVIE is currently available on YOUTUBE and the second one is currently being filmed. To keep up with this beautiful bombshell follow her on Facebook & Twitter @Author Destiny Skai AND IG @author_destiny_skai 

I write under my government name Marcellus Allen, but everybody that knows me from the streetz calls me either Oso or Lil Acktive.  Now-a-days I prefer to be called Tayari [Swahili name] or just Cellus.  I don’t glamorize the streetz or lay claim to them anymore.  I’ma always be from the streetz but that don’t mean I’m in them.  I know better.  Plus God has a better plan for my life, period. 

I’ve been incarcerated for the past 6 years for murder and conspiracy to commit murder, in my hometown of Portland, Oregon.  I recently won my appeal at the end of 2017 and I am fighting hard for my freedom and innocence.  When I return to the real world, I plan on being a black activist and gang mentor.

I’m only 28, but I know better.  I’ve spent a total of 11 years of my life in prison, in and out the hole.  Most of my closest friends are dead or turned state on somebody.  The streetz don’t love nobody.  But Jesus does!  Your real family does!  And if you’re blessed with some real friends:  They do too.

To reach out to me, contact me like this:
Instagram:  @ Marcellusthewriter
Facebook:   @ Marcellusthewriter

Or write me:

Snake River Correctional Facility
Marcellus Allen #15954768
777 Stanton Blvd
Ontario, Oregon 97914

I will respond to all of fans and contacts.

Jamila Mathis is a military brat and an Albany, Georgia native. She’s the oldest out of two children and the only daughter. She is a proud graduate of Dougherty Comprehensive High School in Albany, Georgia and a Savannah State University Alum with a B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems. Becoming an author was the last thing Jamila thought she would ever be. That all changed between 2010 and 2011 when her life started to fall apart to the point where she found herself in a dark place she thought she would never get out of. During those turbulent times a friend of hers made the suggestion to write down her dreams, fantasies and personal experiences as a healthy coping mechanism. Eventually the writings evolved into stories and she decided to let her new found hobby blossom into a challenging and fulfilling career she and her loved ones could be proud of. 

 SIDE NOTE: Jamila has written titles under the pen name Cynthia Blue: Unrestricted Chains, The Lesson, Untold Secrets, The Marshalls Series and its spinoff The Bryson Blood Wars Series.

A survivalist from the poverty stricken streets of Toledo, Ohio; Kweli was struggling to define himself during one of the most darkest periods in his life when he recalled his adolescent love for creative writing. He decided to pin an urban novel. One that would captivate the readers’ attention while also bestowing jewels. The emotionally charged story of Juan-Juan and JBo was conceived.  

Currently enclosed within a barbwire fence of madness, the author maintains his serenity through music, excercise, and the exploring of his imagination. He is presently at work on part two of his debut novel!

Unfortunately, the streets is all I’ve known but they are not all I know! I grew up on the streets of Menlo Park & E. Palo Alto, California in the 80’s and 90’s when they were the Murder Capital. But I’m not a street nigga I’ve spent more time behind bars than on the streets. So, I am indeed an institution baby.

Although I’ve sold dope before I was Neva a D’Boi. I got mine the “Ski Mask Way”. My foolish antics sent me away for two-thirds of my life from juvenile camps, jails and prisons. Once I came home I began building the life that most have Neva had. Wife, kids and a house, the whole 9 yards. As one of the founding members of Neva Die Dragon Gang I tried to do something positive and form Neva Die Ministries a non-profit organization to help inner city youth (the lost voices of the ghetto).

Along the way I fell victim to the same demon that has plagued the hood for decades… Dope. Three years later I find myself fighting a long list of charges that I am innocent of but only God will be able to save me from.

I share the tales in my story Neva to glorify the negative but to underline each one with a message. In hopes of saving a ghetto child from the life of violence that I lived rather it be the few shoot-outs I’ve been in or the many knife fights and riots I survived.

I am a poet, a philosopher, father and author. But most importantly I am a beacon of light shining thru the darkness of ghetto life and prison corridors. Each and every one of my tales will have a powerful message for our people. Not just the youth but the mature whom has gone astray as well. It’s time for us as people of color to love ourselves again instead of hating each other because we hate ourselves.

I am the voice of one crying out in the wilderness of the streets. That graceful Guerilla sent to guide and protect you.

One Struggle, One Aim, One Goal!

Long live the Guerilla!

Larry D. Wright


Eddie Lee was a funny, happy-go lucky child and a very bright student. However, he opted to drop out the traditional school system and enroll in the school of hard knocks. Like many other urban youths, he was drawn into Chicago's violent gang culture. As a result, at the age of nineteen, he was tried, convicted and sentenced to 50 years in IDOC., but he refuses to allow his past or a lengthy prison sentence to define him.

Since his incarceration, Eddie has obtained his G.E.D, certification in Horticulture and Computer Technology and as Associates Degree in Liberal studies. In between his academic studies, he picked up reading as a hobby, which led to his passion for writing. Having served more than 21 years,with less than 4 years before his release, Eddie's goals are etched in stone. He plans to write exciting and realistic cautionary street tales that he hopes will entertain his readers, as well as prevent them from choosing the road to incarceration, or worse- an early grave!

Furthermore, he strives to be a beacon of light for those who may find themselves in a situation similar to his or the character in his novels. 

Renta was born and raised in Dallas, Tx but spent most of his life in Denton, Tx. He fell in love with writing urban fiction while fighting for his freedom in a Texas prison cell. He writes from the gut and aims to inspire his readers to see that merely because you come from the bottom doesn’t mean that that's where you have to stay. Renta has been incarcerated for fourteen years, yet no amount of time can snuff the flame of his ambition.

"The stories I create ,I do so with the struggle in mind. Every ghetto across the country,all the way to the burbs, I want my realism to be felt.I come from the mud and though I don't idolize negativity, I always want to give it to my readers from the standpoint that real mufuckas can relate to ." He proclaims. " It takes a strong will to see the beauty in the struggle and I try my best to  paint a real picture  vs. something that entertains. The shit I've seen and survived in this life won't allow me to take the bite out of my reality simply to appease the next man. I am my readers and they are me."

Renta creates his stories from a dark cell with the hopes of recreating  His story. He says his family and readers are his inspiration.  "I salute the people that supports my ambition. Good looking."





My name is JULIAN JAMES, but I go by JAMAICA. I was born and raised in Jamaica, West Indies by my father’s parents. I came to the States in 1998. I lived and grew up in Brooklyn New  York with my mother. 

In 2004, I got a scholarship to attend college in Virginia, so I moved. I did almost 2 years, then I decided to take a break. That break lead me to the streets and I ended up falling in love with the game. It is what it is. I don’t have any regrets in life, everything happens for a reason. 

In 2008, I gave birth to a little girl and 17 days after she was born I got indicted with my first drug charge. I was sentence to 25 months but I only did 17 months with good time. Being away from my daughter was crazy. I missed out on everything from her first words to her first steps. I came home a different person and ended up pregnant by the same nigga that left me for dead along with not even taking care of his daughter while I was away. 

Love is Blind, and I agree to all of it. He was my first love. I am not perfect, and I try best not to judge, but damn, after all I did with and for him I thought he would have stepped up and do for His while I was away. Forget about doing for me, I was born a hustler. 

In 2010, I gave birth to a baby boy. With two kids to feed and no one to help me, I returned to the streets so hard that it was crazy. Long story short, a nigga got jammed up and told on me, sold his soul, so I ended up with 15yrs. Loyalty is lifestyle for me, I rather do the time than take someone else away from their family. My kids are my life, and those that are LOYAL to me, I ride or die for mines. 

I fell in love with writing, I can’t write about things that I haven’t been through, so always expect to read some real shit when it comes from me. 

I thank each and every person that takes the time to buy a book and show love by spreading the word. In life we live and we learn, and believe me I am doing just that. Remember Real 

Recognize Real! ~Julian JAMAICA James​


​Nicole Goosby was raised in the Southside of Fort Worth, Texas. She’s a woman of great charm and character, cerebral, resourceful, and possessed of a vivid imagination, qualities that run through her writing. Before she started writing, she experimented with various occupations, and found a niche in medtech, wherein she worked for fifteen years. Nicole’s passion includes volleyball and writing. When she’s not doing these, she loves to read. Through her books, she transports readers to a place where the dynamic heroes have endearing flaws, the women are more complex than they look, the scenery is urban and raw, and intrigue is alive and well. Amongst her published works is “Banking on Your Love.” She’s best known for writing urban fiction, including the unputdownable Amazon blockbuster, “A Dopeman’s Riches: Money Rules the World.” She also writes drama, and has some urban plays in the pipeline. You can connect with Nicole on Facebook at or Twitter: @ebooksbynicole, and Instagram: