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Lock Down Publications, also known as (LDP) is not only the powerhouse of over 400 books but also the publishing home of dozens of authors who have become a force in urban fiction and street literature, founded by Ca$h in 2012, and operated alongside LDP's  C.O.O. Coffee.

Lock Down Publications stands on and was founded by 2 principles. One is the "Care" and grooming of each of our author’s passion to write, ensuring that we groom them from both a creative and technical aspect. And second, "Quality". We pride ourselves in providing quality products and entertainment to our readers, which is a collective goal from not only Ca$h our CEO, who is an award-winning author himself, but from the entire Lock Down Publications’ corporation.

Our company's near-decade of success is attributed to the highly qualified staff and  LDP team of editors, proofreaders, graphic designers, and driven team members who each ensure that our core beliefs and brand excellence in this industry are fully satisfied. Which we can not do without YOU, the reader.

LOCK DOWN PUBLICATIONS represents those on lock, who are freed through their pens. Some of our family of authors are literally locked down in prisons. Some were imprisoned in contracts with other companies. Some of the LDP authors were imprisoned by career paths, and maybe dedication to family, or by their own fear of following their dreams, and then there are some who simply had stories imprisoned in their minds awaiting the perfect moment to release them. LDP gave them all the freedom to share their passions with the readers. And with this strong foundation, LDP has "Locked down the game".

Welcome to the world of LDP. Where readers come first and The Game Is Ours!  


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