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Betrayal of a Thug 2 by Fre$h

Betrayal of a Thug 2 by Fre$h


YAYO is still searching for answers as to what happened with his former friend, HAN. Will his world be rocked when he discovers the secrets behind the death of Han Che’s wife and Han’s mother?

Yayo will have to come to terms with the BETRAYAL OF A THUG by almost all of his friends and family. How will he do it and have the strength to carry on all by himself? Can he learn to trust again after everyone he held close turned out to be disloyal?

Meanwhile, Yayo has to keep his head on a swivel in order to avoid being taken out by people from his past, who have not forgiven him or forgotten the pain he caused. Will Yayo get out of the game alive and well? Or will he succumb to the unmercifulness of the streets?

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