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Bodymore Kingpins by Romell Tukes

Bodymore Kingpins by Romell Tukes


PROOF and his family are legendary in the dangerous city of Baltimore, Maryland where heroin controls the blocks. Along with the infamous title of BODYMORE KINGPINS, the SCOTT family is also known for applying pressure on the streets. But a life-changing situation is about to turn their world upside down.

X and HD are two local, big money drug dealers who despise Proof and his entire clan, and they want nothing more than to rock them all to sleep. But when RAGS, one of the younger Scott family members, comes home from prison on gorilla time, his presence will be a hindrance to X and HD's plans. How will they deal with this savage who's been turned loose?

Meanwhile, in the midst of holding down his family's name and dealing with the opps, Rags’ troubles trickle in his exgirlfriend CARENA’s life, threatening to shatter hearts, souls and every ounce of peace she holds dear, all over money, power and respect, three elements of the game that are earned and lost through blood and tears.

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