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Corner Boy by Corey Robinson

Corner Boy by Corey Robinson


Jamir has always envisioned himself a boss. With start-up money from the church collection plate, he is destined to rise and be just that. However, a fallout with his connect could hinder all he has worked for.

Desperate to find a new source, he turns to his boy, but the hookup becomes more than Jamir bargained for. Ultimatums will be given, and choices will have to be made in order for Jamir to be all he has set out to become. Determined to not be held back, Jamir builds himself a street crew to hold him down, but with envy on the set and betrayal in the air, things don’t go as planned.

Can Jamir continue his rise beyond CORNER BOY status or will those he depends on the most keep him at the bottom forever?

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