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Crime Boss by Playa Ray

Crime Boss by Playa Ray


Seeking to control Harlem's drug trade, KAMMRON bullies his way into the game with a ruthless ambition like no other. None of the borough's street bosses are immune from his complex tactics to cut off their money flow and claim it as his own.
After double-crossing BONKERS and sending shooters to dispose of JIMMY, Kammron and the COKE KINGS ascend to the top of the food chain. Their meteoric rise is accompanied by lavish living, extravagant events and a slew of exotic women at their beckoning call. But along the way, Kammron has created more enemies than friends. Will one of those enemies be the death of him?
In this twisted tale of money, murder, sex, glamor and revenge nothing is what it seems, and everybody has a motive to kill.

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