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Fifty Shades Of Snow 2 By Roy Milligan

Fifty Shades Of Snow 2 By Roy Milligan


In the Urban crime drama 50 Shades of Snow - Part 1, a former football star struggled to gain street cred as a small-time cocaine dealer in an attractive, but potentially deadly drug underworld.

Now, several months later in 50 Shades of Snow, Part 2, business is good. It turns out that Steve has a real knack for selling drugs and the quality and price of his product has turned him into a plug that nobody can touch. He's expanding, and his drug Cartel supplier, Karo, is sending more cocaine with each drop.

Even Steve’s cheating girlfriend Angelia is even getting in on the drug dealing action by serving her side man, Jon Jon, while making him think it's for her dad, who used to be in the dope game. But when Angelia cuts ties with Jon Jon, the hardened street thug knows that he lost a connection that he will never be able to find again, so he begins plotting a heist to take Steve for everything he's got.

The Urban fiction thriller gets even more intense and chaotic, when Steve takes a business trip to Mexico and Karo has a huge surprise for him when he arrives. Steve’s love life also threatens emotional carnage, when he proposes to Angelia, but then catches her in a lie that makes him want to kill her. Just when he thinks things can’t get any crazier, Steve receives a text from a friend, and it leads to an even more serious turn of events…

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