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Fifty Shades of Snow 3 by Roy Milligan

Fifty Shades of Snow 3 by Roy Milligan


n the last volume of the popular Urban crime drama series 50 Shades of Snow, Steve's cocaine distribution biz got kicked up a notch and cash started to flow but so did the relationship problems with Angelia and the potential for getting wacked.
In 50 Shades of Snow, Part 3, Steve's drug syndicate is growing at an incredible rate, as supplies get even bigger, the product's demand grows, and the new team members are added to the team. But as things in the crime business usually go the bigger you get, the more dangerous everything becomes, with competition looking to move in on your turf, and possible legal entanglements is more likely.
So, being a sharp businessman, Steve starts hedging his bets by diversifying incomes after an old friend named Aaliyah teaches him a thing or two about real estate investing and buying Crypto, while their rekindled relationship blossoms. Meanwhile, his fiancee Angelia works to control Steve with sex and threatens revenge on Shila, after she helps Steve get back onto his feet again.
There are more questions than answers as this intense Urban crime thriller unravels. Will Steve stay in the cocaine business after he notices that he's being followed and he catches wind that the DEA is snooping around? Will Steve and Angelia stay together, or will he end up with Aaliyah or Shila? Is everyone on Steve's team staying solid?

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