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Grimey Ways 3 by Ray Vinci

Grimey Ways 3 by Ray Vinci


BABYGURL is out for revenge, but with the men on her squad being locked up, she must rely on her girls to help her paint the city red and prove that they are still a force to be reckoned with. While looking for a new plug and quick way to take over San Antonio, KILO helps Babygurl map out a strategy to solidify their presence in the game. But will their plans bear fruit? Or will they get chased out of the city?

Meanwhile, with CORREY on lock and no team to back him up, he might have to adopt some GRIMEY WAYS in order to survive on his own. As luck would have it, he plugs in with PABLO and puts together a stamp down team with the intention of wiping out Babygurl and her savages.

Will QUICK and his team be enough for the infamous squad or will it take more than a team to get his revenge? Is a man's anger more powerful than the wrath of a woman? Only time will tell in this heart-thumping, unpredictable finale.

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