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Love in the Trenches by Corey Robinson

Love in the Trenches by Corey Robinson


Street king, JANAHVI KARTER, wants to retire from the game now that he’s gained all he’s ever wanted: money, cars, jewels, and the respect of the streets. However, he’s still missing one thing, someone to share a lifetime of love with.
Janahvi thinks he has that in MONICA, but she just might turn out to be another gold digger with hidden motives for loving him.

Meanwhile, there's ASHLEY TAYLOR, a white girl who has been attracted to street thugs all her life, and no matter how many times her heart gets broken, she can’t leave them alone.

Something unexpected happens with Janahvi and Ashley. What begins as a flicker could become a flame. Will Ashley get her heart broke again? Or could there really be LOVE IN THE TRENCHES?

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