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Loyalty Is Everything 2 by Molotti

Loyalty Is Everything 2 by Molotti


CORDALE is imprisoned on a drug conspiracy charge, but he refuses to just lay down and do the time. Regaining his freedom is first and foremost on his mind, along with keeping his street operations going while he fights his conviction. Believing that LOYALTY IS EVERYTHING, Cordale entrusts his right hand man, BLAKE, with something and someone that's dear to him, which leads to their bond being tested like never before.

Blake is all about his money and furthering the criminal empire that Cordale built, but when he's stricken by a forbidden love and an insatiable lust, lines will get crossed and his decisions will cause a storm of descension.

Others, who are brought onto the team, become inflicted with greed and deception. When a major drug deal goes bad, blood gets spilled and a deadly war erupts. Will Cordale make it home in time to save his crew from destruction? Will he rejoin forces with Blake? Or will he make Blake pay the ultimate price for his misdeeds?

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