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Moan In My Mouth by Xtasy

Moan In My Mouth by Xtasy


CUPID is the proud owner of Pandora's Poison, the number one adult film company in the world. For some, sex isn't better than love. But for Cupid, sex is the one thing that makes him feel alive. Not to mention, he's damn good at it, as many women will attest to.  


CEDRICK, who is Cupid's best friend decides to move back home with his very attractive, yet reserved, soon to be wife, AMY. When Cupid meets Amy it's extreme lust at first sight. Amy is everything he ever desired to have in his bed. But is Cupid willing to cross his friend to please his carnal desires? Is Amy down with the cross? 


When unforeseen circumstances puts Amy too close for comfort, will Cupid shoot her with his bow? Will lust overrule principles when this irresistible man promises to make a vulnerable woman "MOAN IN MY MOUTH" and awaken her pent up sexual passion?

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