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No Time For Error by Keese

No Time For Error by Keese


In the streets of Durham, North Carolina, seducing dopeboys is a popular hustle for females who want a quick bag. Niccas get that trap money and many females trap the trap boys. It's all about that bread, by any means necessary. But all money ain't good money.
Jade is a baddie with few equals. She's every hustler's fantasy as well as their weakness, and she is unapologetic about the way she uses her sex to get deep in a man's pockets. Surrounded by envy, hate and jealousy, Jade knows that there is NO TIME FOR ERROR. In order for her to remain the baddest bytch, she must prevail against all odds. But the game Jade plays is a dangerous one!
Will Jade continue to prosper or will she get what many thinks she deserves? With beauty and sex as her calling card, can she survive in a game that has swallowed up and spat out many women before her? What will make Jade's ending any different than the others? Or is she destined for a sad, sad ending?

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