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Protege Of A Legend by Corey Robinson

Protege Of A Legend by Corey Robinson


Have you ever loved someone so much you would do practically anything for them, including giving up your family? This is the situation KRYSTAL, a young white girl, finds herself in when she falls in love with the streets and everything her parents had warned her to never indulge in. But temptation turns out to be stronger than logic.

Just when the ghetto threatens to swallow Krystal whole, she meets MARCUS, a young, black street thug who saves her from the hell that awaited her. But Marcus isn't very willing to putting his relationship with Krystal out in the open. He sees her as an asset that's better kept a secret. Will Marcus' reluctance to publicly acknowledge the woman who holds him down cause a rift between them that could destroy an otherwise perfect bond?

Marcus believes that his strongest bond is with his crew, but time might reveal otherwise. As the trust between him and his mans begin to fade and treachery rears its ugly head, he is forced to turn to Krystal, to hold him down. But THE PROTÉGÉ OF A LEGEND could quickly go from being his secret weapon to becoming the biggest threat to his operation.

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