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Real G's Move In Silence by Von Diesel

Real G's Move In Silence by Von Diesel


Being a boss comes at a heavy price, but LIT and HIT-MAN believe that they are up to the challenge. Lit's name carries major clout on the streets, which affords him the privilege of making moves even from behind the walls of prison. But when he entrust Hit-Man, his cellie, to touch down and put together a major play for him, he just might be signing both of their death certificates.

Not knowing what he’s getting into, Hit-Man agrees to set up a business deal pending his release. But a tiger can't change its stripes. When Hit-Man's slimey, greedy nature comes to the surface, it will create beef with a treacherous crew. What follows is blood, betrayal and utter chaos.

Lit never saw these problems coming, but he must devise a way to deal with them or he may lose everything, including his life or his chance at freedom. Understanding that REAL G's MOVE IN SILENCE, Lit shows their enemies that the most dangerous opp is the one you can't see. But when the other side knows how to move in silence, too, what will be the outcome?

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