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Son of a Dope Fiend 3 by Renta

Son of a Dope Fiend 3 by Renta


Pimpin Maxwell’s road to some high class pimpin is revealed in raw detail. Let no eye wink or blink or you may wake up a victim to the game of cop, lock ,or blow, and learn a valuable lesson of how not to trust no n*gga, or no ho'!

Good game is the name of the land and you'll get ate if you're not in touch with the four p's that govern it: paying attention, preying, prostitution, and the biggest mufuckin "P" of them all... PIMPIN, PIMPIN, and some more PIMPIN! Welcome to Dallas, Texas where you get your hand shook before you get your bands took! This is a pimp tale, where Pimpin Maxwell opens Messiah’s third eye to what lead, fed, and bread him to become one of the coldest pimps within the life...welcome to the maze of pimpin and ho’in’.

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