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Sosa Gang by Romell Tukes

Sosa Gang by Romell Tukes


In the rough streets of Philly, there is a new crew on the rise called SOSA GANG led by its namesake. When SOSA lands a plug, his life changes overnight and without hesitation, he shares his newfound prosperity with his boys TWIN, LEZI, and HAK. But their illicit wealth comes with much more than money and street fame.

The Sosa Gang's opps are the notorious OUTLAWS, a brutal and ruthless clique who has major beef with Sosa and his men. True to their reputation, the Outlaws come with guns blazing. When their brazen attacks are met with deadly resistance, lives are lost and dreams become nightmares.

The violence in the city will spark every law enforcement agency to look into them but there are a lot of secrets and hidden agendas within each crew. Who can trust who? When everybody is out for blood, power and revenge, can anyone truly win?

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