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Super Gremlin 2 by King Rio

Super Gremlin 2 by King Rio


MARKIO EARL has $5 million in cold hard cash that belongs to a Chicago heroin kingpin, and his refusal to return it has led to a deadly string of shootings that leaves local police and federal agents baffled. When all leads point to Markio, police chief MARTIN “SWIZZ” SWIZTAK orders his underlings to send every confidential informant on his department's payroll at the handsome, young gangster, whose propensity for dating attractive, black women has led him into the arms of celebrity attorney, NIKKIA STAPLES.

Nikkia’s plan to get Markio away from the city where he's being hunted by both the local police and a long list of grimly determined opps finally succeeds, but when Markio discovers that the police have sent a team of informants after him, he starts getting them knocked off, one after the other, until the police have just one informant left, a man they are certain will get the job done.

Will this last informant get Markio to confess to his involvement in the unsolved homicides? Or will the rat end up dead like all the informants who came before him? Find out in Super Gremlins 2: Killing The Rats.

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