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The Real Baddies of Chi-raq by King Rio

The Real Baddies of Chi-raq by King Rio


PRINCESS KELLY and her close friend AQUA are amongst Queen of Diamonds’ most popular exotic dancers, so it comes as no surprise when the strip club’s owner—a grimy, rich man, known throughout the city of Chicago as “WEEZY” invites the two of them into his office and reveals that they’ve both been promoted to Prime Shift, the most sought-after shift on the schedule.
But Princess isn’t impressed. She suspects Weezy may have a hidden agenda, especially after he gifts them each a diamond Cuban-link necklace with a blinging name pendant and a fifty thousand dollar pile of bank-new hundreds. The other Prime Shift girls have questions of their own, which soon leads to infighting within the group of sexy young pole dancers.
The truth of what’s going on behind the scenes is eventually exposed, igniting a war between several of the city’s deadliest street gangs. Princess and Aqua find themselves right in the middle of it all, both of them uncertain as to whether they’ll ever live to twerk another day. Who are The Real Baddies of Chi-Raq, and how do they influence the drill culture of the city?

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