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Vicious Loyalty by Kingpen

Vicious Loyalty by Kingpen


Murder, drugs, and gang violence surround the city of Memphis. The Vicelords and the Gangster Disciples are in a never-ending war. VICIOUS, a young Vicelord, is on a rise to becoming the next OG. But first, Vicious has to prove his loyalty to his nation.

As only fate will have it, Vicious falls in love with JANAE, the woman he's been ordered to kill. To make matters worse, Janae is the sister of the Disciples’ leader, who is Vicious’ arch enemy. In a fierce battle of a man's heart versus his sense of duty, which will win?

Will Vicious lose the respect of his elders, while gaining Janae's heart? Or will he lose his life in the pursuit of the forbidden fruit? Love can be dangerous, but for Vicious, it’s to die for!

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