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Lock Down Pen Pals

Slaughter Gang by Willie Slaughter
Paid in Blood Part 2 by Hood Rich
Kingpin Killaz Part 3 by Hood Rich
Blood Stains of a Shotta Part 3 by Jamai
Confessions of a Gangsta by Nicholas Loc
Cash Money Ho's by Nicole Goosby
Brooklyn on Lock Part 2 By Sonovia Alexa
Boss'n Up Part 3 by Royal Nicole
Trust No Man by Ca$h
The Streets Will Never Close Part 3 by K
Chained To The Streets by J Blunt

Drop our authors behind the wall a line, they would love to hear from the readers and supporters. Much Love Always. ~LDP 

Name: Romell Tukes

Age: 30 yrs old

Born in Yonkers, NY

Incarcerated author



I'm Romell, the author of LIFE OF A SAVAGE. I'm currently in prison on a gun charge. My release date is coming soon. 


I started writing in prison to help myself deal with doing the time. I wanted to take my mind out of the prison environment because I saw that remaining in that mindset would corrupt my future.


When I write, I put my heart and soul into every single word. I strive to give my readers the best book they've ever come across. 


Lock Down Publications is like my guardian angel. The CEO, Cash Alexander pushed me to do more and want more for myself than the streets. He's walked that journey himself, so I could relate to him when he talked.


My creator Allah gave me the talent. Now I must maximize it and never look back. I thank those of you who will take a chance on me by reading my book when it is released on March 17th.

If you'd like to reach me, you can write to me at:


Smart Communication/USP Canaan

Romell Tukes #72381-054

P.O. BOX 30

Pinellas Park, FL 32781

De'Kari, the author of the BEST SELLING urban streetlit series Gorillaz In the Bay, is a promising author whose work is nothing short of amazing. Though it’s his first book, De’Kari’s work provides readers with an authentic glimpse into street life. He currently writes urban fiction but plans to cross over to other genres.

The author was born and raised in Northern California.


The author experienced a challenging childhood. Riddled with abuse, neglect, and witnessing violence first-hand, De’Kari’s early years were dark and pained. Due to the dysfunction that surrounded him, he was often uprooted and moved from place to place. After various placements with relatives, he found himself in foster care. He eventually turned to the streets which consequently led to a lot of bad choices. In turn, those bad choices led to youth authority, jail & prison.

There is more to this author than the street-life. He always had a love for writing. In school, he excelled in creative writing. He would always live-out the story as he was writing. Through his most difficult times, he used writing as a way to escape from his surroundings.

In addition to writing, he creates poetry, writes songs, and does artwork. He loves spending time with family, fishing, sports, and helping youth.

He is happy that he is finally able to share his writing with others, putting his passion to work! De'Kari, the author of the newly released Gorillaz In the Bay, is a promising author whose work is nothing short of amazing. Though it’s his first series, De’Kari’s work provides readers with an authentic glimpse into street life. He currently writes urban fiction but plans to cross over to other genres.


My name is J-Blunt (Robert Patterson). I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on 5/1/82. I am the author of numerous series: GANGSTER'S CODE. A GANGSTER'S SYN. THE SAVAGE LIFE, and CHAINED TO THE STREETS.


I began writing when I was 10 years old, mostly raps, and poetry. When the streets called, I dropped the pen and pad and jumped in the game headfirst.


Consequently, I ended up in prison. I've been incarcerated since 2002. The good news is that my prison sentence is almost over.


Also, in prison, I've fallen in love with writing again and this time I won't put the pen down. Writing has kept me sane in this jungle of insanity. Be on the lookout for me in every facet of entertainment. I want to use my platform to put on for everybody that turned their back on me. With hard work and dedication, I can do anything. The only limits are those that I place on myself, and I never do that.


I can be reached at:

Email: authorjblunt


Or: Robert Patterson #361803


P.O. BOX 282

Plymouth, WI 53073

Jabril Williams:

I was born and pretty much raised in Washington DC. Those brutal streets taught me so many valuable lessons in life. Some of those lessons took many years to realize and appreciate. Upon being thrust into adulthood after the sudden death of my mother, I was forced to be an adult long before I had the opportunity to be a child.


Fast forward to where I am today, an incarcerated man who truly realizes and appreciates things that most people take for granted Which is FREEDOM!!! I have always been an avid reader and seeker of knowledge even before my incarceration. My love and admiration for a good story have motivated me to write my own.


The details that I write about is closely indicative of my own personal life and also mirror the lives of those I have stood on the scratch line, or broke bread with. As an urban author, I hope to appeal to the mass audience. Through my work, I talk to my fans and I whisper to the streets. To those that have supported my work over the years, I owe you much gratitude. For those who may have never read my books but are looking for that next thrilling novel holla at your boy!


Check me out on FB Jibril Williams or if you want a straight line to me, email me at: