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A Dope Boy's Dream 3 by Romell Tukes

A Dope Boy's Dream 3 by Romell Tukes


When DON went to prison, the streets in Bad News, VA changed dramatically with the fall of the area’s biggest money maker. Now that he's back home, the game is primed for a reboot. But money and renewed power isn't all that awaits him. The problems and old beefs Don left unfinished must be dealt with immediately upon his return. But is Don still built to deal with the shooters who want to put him in a grave?

The man known as BLOODY is a whole problem that Don has to erase in order to continue breathing himself. But Bloody is no easy opp to dispose of. Meanwhile, Don's younger brother 50 and his crew are doing major things. Things that could cause more friction between the brothers, who are already close to being enemies. How will 50's rise affect Don's plans?

As the city gets turned into a fiercely contested battleground, the Feds move in. But what they discover during their investigation just might turn the entire agency upside down as the Feds look to destroy A DOPEBOY’S DREAM.

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