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A Gangsta's Karma 2 by Flame

A Gangsta's Karma 2 by Flame


BYRON WOODSON, the son of the villainous KILO, wants to follow in his father's footsteps. With his father's Rock Bottom Family dismantled due to a series of unfortunate events, Byron and his cousin, CHAD, set out to pioneer they're own movement while piggybacking off of RBF's notoriety. Instead of moving keys of coke like his father, he jumps headfirst into the pill game.

Byron's ambition to get on the same level as his father quickly becomes rife with problems. There's Triple S, a group of thugs from downtown West Palm Beach that're boasting about robbing Kilo and taking his place in the streets. Then there's the recorded video of his father's grisly death that has been released for the world to see, of which shocks him when he learns who actually recorded the video. On top of that, the Peruvian kingpin wants from him the money his father owes. And to make matters worse, he is unaware of the person lurking in the shadows, waiting for him to slip. Will A GANGSTA'S KARMA catch up to Byron? Or we he be the one who deals out justice?

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