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A Gangsta's Karma 4 by Flame

A Gangsta's Karma 4 by Flame


ZooMan resurfaces. The Haitian that was associated with the Jamaican Virgil of the infamous Rock Bottom Family crime organization has been deceived into a different line of work. He has become an indebted trapper that must meet his end of a bargain in a timely fashion or the wicked person he owes will come down on him in a way he couldn’t imagine. To make matters worse, ZooMan has a vindictive detective on his trail.
Meanwhile, Sosa and his tight-knit crew out of Lake Worth Beach, Florida has ascended in the game by strong-arming their way up the ladder. They eventually get their hands on a trap house that generates more than enough money to provide the lavish lifestyle they all desired since they were young zoes. But some petty disrespect from Da HOL Boyz provokes an all-out war, putting their sway in the game in jeopardy during an unusual time.
Will ZooMan pay up before he meets a fate he knows he wouldn’t have faced if Virgil was still alive? How will Sosa and his crew fare once they take up arms with a formidable rival like Da HOL Boyz? A GANGSTA’S KARMA is breathing down everyone’s necks. Who will luck out? Who will wash out? The answer awaits.

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