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A Gangsta's Karma by Flame

A Gangsta's Karma by Flame


DEMETRIUS WOODSON, the head of the infamous Rock Bottom Family from the treacherous streets of downtown West Palm Beach, is destined for Boss status in the game. Following the downfall of their fiercest rival, Demetrius and his horde of hoodlums transform themselves from petty drug dealers and unconscious killers into a conglomerate of an enterprise that includes both legal and illicit businesses, during his rise to fame.

When an unexpected event forces Demetrius to flee the city, it could be the downfall of the notorious RBF. However, with his street prowess and business savvy, Demetrius is determined to spread his wings and elevate his crew to unprecedented success. But A GANGSTA'S KARMA is breathing down his back. Can Demetrius outrun his past? Or will it catch up to him in the most savage way?

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