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A Gangsta's Pain 3 by J-Blunt

A Gangsta's Pain 3 by J-Blunt


After QUITTA is arrested for a murder that she didn't commit, the police want her to testify against JUNIOR in order to regain her freedom. Will she fold or hold?

As Quitta is fighting her charges, Junior is fighting to stay free. DETECTIVE JOHNSON is getting closer to locking him up for killing FREDO and things get even more dangerous when deceit enters the heart of one of the Parklawn Grinders.

Meanwhile, envy, greed, and larceny puts Junior at odds with enemies that were once friends. Will he survive the threats within the circle yet fall victim to the streets? Will Detective Johnson finally get him on murder charges? Will Quitta keep it one hundred and remain true to her man as he experiences A GANGSTA'S PAIN?

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