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A Gangsta's Paradise by Trai'Quan

A Gangsta's Paradise by Trai'Quan


In Atlanta, PRETTYBOY is a new up and coming hustla. In a game filled with hate, jealousy, and a lot of cutthroat friends and opps, PrettyBoy is one of many who will go against the grain in order to make his street dreams come true.

With his Mac-11 crew and a ride-or-die female by his side, can Prettyboy get to the bag? Will the ATL be A GANGSTA'S PARADISE? Or will the ruthlessness that pervades the city dubbed Black Hollywood rise up and turn Prettyboy's dreams into a nightmare?
JARVIS, who is Prettyboy's Day One homie, just might hold the key to all of their fate. Will Jarvis keep it one hundred and not allow greed and envy to creep into his heart? Or will he become cutthroat and materialize as Prettyboy's most fierce rival?

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