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A Thug's Street Princess 2 by Meesha

A Thug's Street Princess 2 by Meesha


In the early morning hours, BREEZE finds out that her beloved brother, CHENO, has been shot. Without wasting any time at all, she goes into combat mode, which means the streets are about to quiver in her wake. Can a pretty, little woman really put the fear of God in the hearts of men? Are they trembling in their boots or are they planning to ambush Breeze and teach her that the game is not meant for the feminine gender?
Meanwhile, Honey never thought her world would be turned upside down. Now that it has been, she must stand on business or move out the f*ckin way. Never one to flinch, Honey sets out to avenge what was done to her cousin. When baby girl strikes, it will be both lethal and unexpected. But can she get away with it?
Charlie was adamant about leaving Cheno alone after finding out he was for the streets. With all the women coming out of the woodworks, it made her decision to move on so much easier. But when Cheno catches some bullets, Charlie’s loyalty overrides the emotional drama and she is ready to slide for the man who holds her heart. The Windy City is about to burn hot as the thugs and their princesses join forces against those who dared to harm the man they will shed blood for.

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