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A Thug's Street Princess 3 by Meesha

A Thug's Street Princess 3 by Meesha


After he was thought to be dead, Cheno is ready to show his face in the streets and he’s on Demon time. Ending the beef with his rivals is top priority and nothing is going to stand in his way. Back in the day, women and children were off limits, but when Cheese and his crew strike first, all bets are off.
Trust is questioned on both sides of the war. The Grim Reaper overshadows the city of Chicago as death rears its dark face at every turn. No one is safe. Even the girls are going to battle for what they believe in, which is getting revenge and standing on business as A THUG'S STREET PRINCESS.
Which side of the city will reign victorious? Will Cheno be able to come out on top? Or will Cheese and Tank finally lay him to rest for eternity?

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