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A Thug's Street Princess by Meesha

A Thug's Street Princess by Meesha


After serving ten years in a Seattle women’s detention center for a crime meant for her man, Honey Love is about to return to Chicago with a different mindset than when she went away. Like the down azz chick she always aspired to be, Honey had kept her mouth shut, protecting the man who held her heart in his hands. But he didn't keep it real in return. What will happen when he comes face to face with the one he betrayed?
No longer the young naïve eighteen-year-old that she was when she left, Honey is now a grown woman who has to learn how grimy the streets really are. Being about her business, Honey tries not to worry about nothing except getting her bag and enjoying her freedom, not drama is about to test her in every way imaginable. Will Honey remain focused and stick to the script?
Will Honey's anger about the past rise up and interfere with her rise? Will the streets of Chi-raq force Honey back behind bars? Or will she stand tall and find prosperity en route to becoming A Thug’s Street Princess?

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