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An Unforeseen Love by Meesha

An Unforeseen Love by Meesha


BAYLEI has accomplished her lofty professional goals, and along the way she falls in love with NOAH, who appears to be the man of her dreams. Their interracial relationship is beautiful and fulfilling, until Noah's parents begin to show open racism and disrespect to their son's woman.

Rattled by hurtful words and events, Baylei decides to take a vacation to St. Thomas where she crosses paths with CHADE who is a self-proclaimed lady's man. But when the two meet, sparks fly, and both of their lives could get shaken up?

Chade is intrigued with the beautiful woman on the island, but Baylei is fighting her situation with Noah from afar. Will Baylei’s devotion to Noah keep her from exploring the potential in Chade? Will Chade change his mindset to be with Baylei? Or will they miss the opportunity to experience AN UNFORESEEN LOVE?

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