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Angel 3 by Anthony Fields

Angel 3 by Anthony Fields


HONESTY PHILLIPS missed her opportunity to kill ANGEL, not once, not twice, but three times. In Honesty's mind, she must kill Angel in order to even the score between them. Then and only then can she live her life in peace.

NAJEE BASHIR loves Angel but he doesn't trust her. Especially now that he's taken the war to CARLOS TRINIDAD’s front door. Killing is what Najee knows and his instincts are what he must rely on to survive in the nation's capital. But what Najee doesn't know is that a murder he committed back in Newark could come back to haunt him before he can fix things between him and Angel.

Meanwhile, Angel has suffered a heartbreaking loss and the most powerful man in D.C. possibly wants her dead. The cops are on her trail and the man that she loves believes that she is his enemy. Kareemah 'Angel' El-Amin is on a race against time. She has to save her daughter, clear her name with Carlos and put an end to the blood feud between her lover and her daughter's father. But she may already be too late...

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