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Angel 4 by Anthony Fields

Angel 4 by Anthony Fields


NAJEE BASHIR is back in Newark on a killing spree to avenge the murders of his family and friends. His road to total annihilation of the Muhammad Farid Shahid organization has bumps along the way, but Najee will not be deterred. He's determined to make the entire state of New Jersey feel his pain. Could that type of mindset prove to be foolhardy?

Meanwhile, ANGEL is due to be released from jail. With her blood boiling, she is out to find HONESTY PHILLIPS and make her pay in the worst way for her transactions. But Honesty might be hard to find. And even if she is found, will it be too late to stop her from killing Angel's daughter, ANIYAH?

In the middle of the mayhem, CARLOS TRINIDAD, Najee's and Aniyah's powerful father, feels impelled to come to his children's rescue. But this time the family might be up against an evil more deadly than their own. Will Najee's wrath be fierce enough to bring him through the storms? Will Angel's blood curling determination be strong enough to stop fate? Only time will tell.

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