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Baby, I'm Wintertime Cold 2

Baby, I'm Wintertime Cold 2


ZINFANDEL CARTER wants to avenge the brutal murder of her mother, PATRICIA, but she’s not a killer. She’s a criminal defense attorney who happens to love one of the men responsible for her mother’s death. Zin understands that she has to use street smarts and guile to bring about justice for her mom. Her every move must be calculated to win and to her, failure is not an option.

QURAN BASHIR is the son of AMEEN BASHIR and a heartless killer. His brother, JIHAD, is his sidekick. Together, they hunt and kill rats of the human kind. Killing has taken his soul, but Zin’s love reminds him of his humanity.
MICHAEL CARTER is a master strategist who’s incarcerated, and he orders hits from his jail cell. He loves the game too much to leave it, but a new wrinkle in his case may free him. He would love nothing more than to get home to his daughter, Zin.

SEAN BRANCH is back on the streets and he’s leaving dead bodies everywhere he goes, until one murder that he commits makes him the hunted one. BRION CLARK knows that his brother, CRUD, was a piece of shit, but he was his piece of shit. He vows to kill all those who had a hand in his brother’s death, even if it’s the legendary killer named Sean Branch.

GREG GAMBLE is the United States attorney for the District of Columbia and he knows everybody’s secrets. But he also has a few of his own that are threatening to bury him in the mud. In the sequel to If You Cross Me Once, everyone is about to learn what some already knows. If someone crosses you once, they’ll cross you twice.

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