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Baby, I'm Wintertime Cold 3 by Meesha

Baby, I'm Wintertime Cold 3 by Meesha


With Leo still in hiding, yet as threatening as ever, Icy is forced to become someone nobody knows. By all means, she has to protect the family, thus, living in fear must be a thing of the past. Now she's ready for whatever. But is she?
Meanwhile, Leo’s world is crashing down all around him, but he’s not going down without causing a bloodbath. Everyone in his circle catches the brute intensity of his madness, which causes loyalties to be tested and alliances to form against him. Has Leo's underestimation of Icy put him in an untenable position that he can't get out of? Or will his madness be enough to fuel one last attack?
The fire is blazing and Icy wants to be the one to put out the flames. Has Leo met his match? Will he learn the hard way why he should’ve left Icy Winters with a warm heart? Or must she teach him that Baby, I’m Wintertime Cold?

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