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Baby, I'm Wintertime Cold by Meesha

Baby, I'm Wintertime Cold by Meesha


ICY WINTERS is on the road to becoming the best she can be in life. Not only is she successful in business, she's preparing to become the wife of LEO MILLER, her absolute heartbeat. Little does Icy know, her life is going to get turned upside down.

Leo runs a tight ship in the streets of Chicago, but a business trip to Kingston, Jamaica steers his mind in a murderous direction. With money being the root of his evil, Leo will stop at nothing until he secures the bag along with the power that comes with it. But Leo is about to get the bad that comes with the game, too.

When skeletons pop out of the closet and Leo becomes someone Icy barely recognizes anymore, will Icy forgive his dishonesty? Or will his ego and greed force Icy to show him that BABY, I'M WINTERTIME COLD?

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