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Black Diamond Cartel 3 by Saynomore

Black Diamond Cartel 3 by Saynomore


Malachi Williams and Garcia Blanka may have taught Nikki Gunz how to be an apex predator, but now the student has surpassed the masters. Nikki lives by one rule and one rule only --- if you don't stand on loyalty you die --- as she leads the new cartel she forged in the streets of New York. However, in the pursuit of power she crosses the line by thinking she is untouchable.
Nikki tries to acquire too much at one time and draws the attention of three different criminal organizations who demanded her blood. She finds herself stuck in an untenable situation and the only way out is death. Someone's.
With the authorities close to dismantling her cartel and putting her behind bars, Nikki is forced to use every ounce of her street smarts to go toe to toe with them, but the question is will that be enough to keep her out of cuffs? History has proven that no matter who you are you can be killed. Do those who oppose Nikki have enough cunning to kill her and take down the BLACK DIAMOND CARTEL once and for all? Or will Nikki Bandz prove that she truly can't be touched.

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