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Blood and Games by King Dream

Blood and Games by King Dream


BOSS is a low level pimp with big dreams of being number one in the game But so far those dreams have evaded him. He finally gets his big break when his father dies and leaves him The Holy Bible of Game. After reading it Boss implements the strategies he's studied and he soon begins his ascent.

As time moves on, the game reveals its ugly side and Boss must do much more than mack women in order to live up to his name. When jealousy and envy begin to show its face amongst his circle, Boss learns the life of a pimp is a lonely one and the same ones he trusts are the same ones he has to keep in his scope.

It's a dog eat dog mentality when it comes to attracting women, attaining wealth and being the best to ever do it. Above the fame and notoriety, things turn brutal and to survive, BOSS will have to master the art of BLOOD AND GAMES.

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