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Blood of a Goon by Romell Tukes

Blood of a Goon by Romell Tukes


In the dangerous city of BX, one of New York's worst areas, H MACK tries to build an army of goons from the ground up through his gang ties from his hood. When H Mack finds a plug, his life will never be the same but the beef he had with his rivals will only spark more hate and envy as he and his crew, the Makkulate Goons, start taking over the city's drug trade.

H Mack rival, J PAPER, is an Uptown gangsta with his own team who wants H Mack out of the picture but will he be able to go against the Bronx's most feared goons?

KANE, H Mack's little brother, wants to follow in his big brother’s footsteps but he doesn't know how hard it is to walk in someone else's Timbs. Will Kane and H Mack be able to come together and get out with a bag while not losing focus on their ops?

Dark secrets will be revealed and the snakes will hiss even with the grass cut in a deadly field, as the BLOOD OF A GOON gets spilled throughout the borough.

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