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Bloodline of a Savage 2 by Prince A. Tauhid

Bloodline of a Savage 2 by Prince A. Tauhid


Vonnie Savage has progressed in his transition from one hustle to another, courtesy of his two cousins, Drip and Monk. He's also blood-thirsty now, behind his first body. At the same time, Vonnie's father, Hound Jr, is on the verge of winning an appeal and could potentially be set free. If he is, all hell could break loose.
Meanwhile, the beef between Shayla and Feezy intensifies, and others will get drawn into the fray. Will friendships remain solid or will the friction become deadly? Is loyalty real or is it just a word used to curry favor?
With the police trying to close in on them all, who will get snatched up by the long arms of the law? Vonnie has the Bloodline of a Savage, but is that a blessing or a curse? As the bodies pile up, a cat-and-mouse chase ensues. Who is the predator and who becomes the prey?

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