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Bloodline of a Savage by Prince Tauhid

Bloodline of a Savage by Prince Tauhid


TREVON DIETRICH-SAVAGE has a lot of promise and potential, but he has dreams that go against his upbringing, and the streets must beware.  Von has always wanted to be a major figure in the game and nothing can stand in his way.


Being part of a crew of vicious and gritty hoodlums, Von is about to level up. Once his girlfriend, CHLOE DOMINGUEZ, links him with a plug it's all up! One business transaction leads to another, and then, something occurs, leaving all hell to break loose between both sides.


On a chance scenario, while Von and his ruthless right-hand EUNICE, are going back and forth with the ops, the Savage family members intervene. Will this bring an end to Von's problems in the streets? Will it lead to bigger problems beefs? Or will this young gangsta show them all that he definitely has the BLOODLINE OF A SAVAGE?

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