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Bronx Savages by Romell Tukes

Bronx Savages by Romell Tukes


In the Bronx, the borough that never sleeps, MOSS is a charismatic but ruthless contract killer who puts in work for the rich and powerful. Never one to fail on an assignment, Moss refuses to stain his reputation. But when the tables threaten to turn, will he be able to stave off the same type of ruthlessness that he dishes out?

Meanwhile, BODY is flooding the streets with product and making sure that all of his people are eating. But jealousy and envy isn't far behind. Can Body avoid the typical downfall of a kingpin?

When deep family secrets come out, will this distract Body from handling his business? Will Moss become an asset to Body? Or will he hasten Body's demise? Nothing is safe or sacred when BRONX SAVAGES collide?

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