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Cartel Money by Martell "Troublesome" Bolden

Cartel Money by Martell "Troublesome" Bolden


From the ruthless ghettos of America, across the border to the treacherous villages of Mexico, Lupe “PESO” Martinez is a product of both pestilent countries. His entire life, Peso has been against all odds. He is always willing to do whatever it takes to get even by any means. Nothing more than a drug trafficking gunslinger, Peso is connected to the Mexican Cartel. However, through the falls of kingpins, he is propelled into position to rise to power.
As circumstances develop, Peso has to dodge the feds, who are looking to take down his drug empire. Meanwhile, there are bloodthirsty rivals eager for violent seizure of power, even if that means a drug war. Peso must be vigilant with his every move in the streets because his freedom and his life is constantly in peril.
Will Peso manage to elude an indictment and evade the ominous presence of death long enough to reap the benefits of his CARTEL MONEY? Or will the very lifestyle that affords him luxury, adoration and respect amongst the most ruthless criminals, turn out to be his downfall?

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