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Chi-Raq Gangstas 4 by Romell Tukes

Chi-Raq Gangstas 4 by Romell Tukes


When RAY goes to prison, BRIANNA, his child's mother, leaves him high and dry for BENNY, a respected street legend who has turned entrepreneur. Brianna's life is golden with Benny, who is now her husband, showers her with love, affection and a world of comfort. But there is trouble on the horizon.


Ray is released from prison after serving more than a decade behind bars. As fate would have it, not long after Ray is released, Benny gets arrested and thrown in jail. Lonely and confused, Brianna falls into the arms of her baby daddy. Things between Ray and Brianna get deeper and they discover they are still in love.  How will their reignited feelings for each other play out when Brianna's husband comes home?


TORN BETWEEN A GANGSTA AND A GENTLEMAN, Brianna will have to decide whether to follow her heart or honor her vows. Will she be able to hide the fact that her heart still belongs to her first love? Will Ray discover that Brianna has been unfaithful? The truth can only be hidden for so long. When it comes out, there will be hell to pay.

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