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Church in these Streets by J-Blunt

Church in these Streets by J-Blunt


Nephew is a gangsta that lives by the sword and takes what he wants. Life changes for the worst when he gets knocked for robbery and ends up on lock. While sitting in a cell, he realizes that street life will only get him back in jail, or dead, so he turns to God. He returns to the streets a different man, only to discover the streets ain't so forgiving. Old enemies have new issues and want his head.
Charlene is a beautiful and kind woman that gets taken through the ringer by love. She meets Klan and thinks he is the man of her dreams. Three years later, she wakes up and discovers that he is a nightmare. Wanting a new lease on life and love, she breaks up with Klan and meets and falls for Nephew. But Nephew's old life style and Klan's possessive ways threaten his freedom and their lives.
Will Nephew overcome his enemies and survive the threats on his life? Can Charlene escape the nightmare and find her happily ever after? Or will Nephew be forced to hold CHURCH IN THESE STREETS.

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