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City of Smoke 2 by Molotti

City of Smoke 2 by Molotti


With Mo Money, Reesie and Nutso out of the picture, Bone and his circle have the 100’s in a headlock. Without guidance they start doing more robbing and gangbanging than selling drugs and Bone soon collides with his close friend T Stone igniting another bloody war that may be too much for him and his young team to handle.
While in prison fighting for his life Mo Money tries to maintain his position at the top while dealing with betrayal from his loved ones. Will envy and disloyalty from the ones closest to him seal Mo Money’s grim fate? With Nutso missing and T Stone doing his own thing his team is slowly but surely falling apart and the foes are ready to take advantage.
Pushed to the brink of desperation, Mo Money makes a decision that will have tragic consequences. With old friends becoming new opps and old opps still trying to kill him will Mo Money survive in a CITY OF SMOKE?

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