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City of Smoke by Molotti

City of Smoke by Molotti


Mo Money and Reesie are close friends from the Southside of Chicago who are fascinated by the streets. All they want to do is gangbang and get money. They both want clout but for different reasons; one wants to hustle his way to the top while the other is addicted to putting in work and finessing. But they are about to learn that the streets show no love.
After Mo Money finally catches a wave and starts to get his money up, he bumps heads with Reesie and their hood is torn apart by the bloody war that erupts. Love, loyalty and friendships are tested when everyone is forced to choose sides.
Despite the war, Mo Money finds a plug and on he’s on his way to getting riches ... until something happens that shakes up his whole world. Will thrusting the wrong people ultimately be Mo Money’s downfall? Will he be able to finesse his way back on top? Or will he become just another pack in the air in a CITY OF SMOKE?

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