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Classic City by Chris Green

Classic City by Chris Green


ELMADI is a slick finesser when it comes down to hustling and laying the game down in the CLASSIC CITY. He boosts the ultimate merchandise on the streets for the ultimate bankroll until his friend, ANDRE, is murdered by a sworn enemy.

All of a sudden, Elmadi finds himself caught in a maze of gunfire, drama, love tangles, and a homicide that causes the murder rate in the county to rise exponentially. Elmadi's freedom and loved ones are at risk due to his nebulous ties, and the fate of Rolling Ridge Slums lay firmly on his back. Even worse, Elmadi is entangled in a problem with M.T., a known beast.

As this mind-twisting bloodbath booms recklessly, can Elmadi slip out with his life still in one piece? Or will he meet an untimely and gruesome demise?

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