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Coke Boys by Romell Tukes

Coke Boys by Romell Tukes


TAE was born with very little to cherish besides his indomitable will to rise above his circumstances. But that was enough. Hailing from one the most impoverished areas of Raleigh, N.C., he was determined to get rich or end up in Hell for trying.
A few cities away, in Durham, SCRILLA is trying to find his own lane, against all odds.

For both young gangstas, trying to become a boss is a road paved with battles and uphill courses. When Tae goes to war with BIG ZONE, the biggest drug dealer in the city, will he be able to outsmart the opp or will he become another name added to Big Zone's body count?

In Durham, N.C., things get serious when Scrilla robs and kills the wrong kingpin, which causes a lot of bloodshed. As time goes on, Tae and Scrilla link up in a quest to become legendary COKE BOYZ. But when they're met with strong opposition, their street dreams might turn into bloody nightmares.

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